Child Partner

The Child Partner Model is a fundraising strategy which SAO Uganda uses to enhance Child Centered Community Development (CCCD) approach to development in Najjembe Sub County-Buikwe district and Osukuru Sub County-Tororo district in Central and eastern regions of Uganda respectively.

A Child Partner is a child who is selected from SAO Uganda’s operating communities and linked to overseas supporters who fund development activities in the community. Over 2000 child partners were selected in Osukuru and Najjembe communities.

There is no direct benefit to the Child Partner or not eligible to attend additional program activities which are not open to other children.

Child Partners are representatives of the community and children who are primary beneficiaries of the project.

The role Child Partner is to communicate to the overseas supporters and other stakeholders the changes at individual, household and community level as a result of the CCCD interventions. They communicate through regular photos, letters and children information sharing.

Child Partner should be active agents in the development process by participating in decision making at all levels that creates livelihood.

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